Organizing Services


Your Home and Belongings: Sort, declutter, and store in a more orderly way

  • Bathrooms: Medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies, linens
  • Bedrooms: Dressers, nightstands, jewelry
  • Closets: Wardrobe, hall, linen, coat
  • Craft Areas: Scrapbooking, wrapping, sewing, stamping
  • Entertainment Centers: CDs, DVDs, video games
  • Entryways: Keys, loose change, mail, coats, backpacks, purses
  • Home Offices: Papers, office supplies
  • Kitchens: Pantry, spice cabinet, utensils, plastic containers
  • Laundry Rooms: Cleaning supplies, folding and hanging areas
  • Living Rooms, Family Rooms: Bookcases, knicknacks, games
  • Toy Rooms, Kids’ Rooms: Toys, games, craft supplies, books, clothes

Garage or Yard Sales: Sort, price, and display items for a well laid out and profitable sale

7956995118_cb083b1b62_bHomeschooling: Put school books and supplies in order, create a daily and/or yearly schedule

Memorabilia: Keep photos safe and easy to enjoy in photo boxes, albums, or scrapbooks

Money Management: Create a budget that will help you and your family to spend and save wisely

Moving: Declutter before, or organize after, relocating to a new home

28163316922_ee169f9ebc_bPersonal Events: Create a manageable to-do list so that your next get-together is about time with family and friends – not stressing out about what needs to be done

Time Management: Meal plans, kids’ activity schedules, kids’ chores, and more