About Carol


I am a wife and homeschooling mother of four children. I have always used my organizational skills at home, including babies’ feeding/nap schedules, management of the kids’ chores, daily homeschool schedule, six-week rotating meal plan, toy and game organization, kids’ off-season clothing storage, and more. It comes naturally to me and makes me feel more peaceful about my life and duties.


I have always loved to put things in order. When I was a child, I would keep my stuffed animals in a row and take turns sleeping with them. I organized my cassette tapes alphabetically, my troll dolls in rainbow order, and my pictures by date. My sister likes to remind me that I refused to let her use her new crayons until I had organized them by color.


One summer during college, I sorted through all my parents’ twenty-plus years’ worth of photos and organized them by date. It was my favorite thing to do that summer and I was sorry when it was over.


Preserving memories and honoring tradition are important to me, so I enjoy taking pictures and scrapbooking. However, clutter is very stressful to me, so I am quite particular about what we keep in our house, and one of my great pleasures in life is to get rid of stuff!


I believe that you will find that even a little decluttering and organizing of your physical belongings and activities, as well as your mental to-do lists, will reduce stress and bring much desired peace of mind and more time for you and your family. I look forward to working with you!

You can reach me at 863-513-3880,  on Facebook, or at cjoyborah@yahoo.com.

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